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The Ben Bolt - Palito Blanco ISD dyslexia program is designed to provide high quality direct, explicit, multi sensory, structured support for identified dyslexic students. These students meet the Texas Dyslexia Handbook’s criteria for the identification of Dyslexia. When a particular child is displaying characteristics of dyslexia, a 504 referral process is started. Parents may also refer a student for evaluation at any time. One of the district’s dyslexia evaluators will then assess the student using a battery of tests. Such services provide the students with the skills and strategies to “unlock” the code of reading and to improve reading fluency. Students are instructed using the Multisensory Teach Approach (MTA) program. Please note: If you suspect your child has a disability that may require special education services, you have the right to request a full and individual evaluation (FIE) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Please contact your child’s campus administrator for more information.
Senate Bill 2075
Requires districts to notify the parent/guardian of each student determined to have dyslexia (following a screening) or determined to be at risk for dyslexia or other reading difficulties (based on reading instrument results) of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission's audiobook program for students with reading disabilities."