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Services & Components of Instruction

Dyslexia Services
The Ben Bolt - Palito Blanco ISD uses MTA as an intervention for students identified with dyslexia. MTA (Multisensory Teaching Approach) is a comprehensive, integrated language arts program addressing reading decoding and comprehension, spelling and composition, cursive handwriting, and alphabet and dictionary skills. The ungraded curriculum encompasses the structure and science of the English language, and all students begin at the beginning. The goal is to complete the curriculum, as long as students are progressing according to criterion-referenced “Mastery Checks” administered periodically. If exit criteria is based on grade-level achievement alone, permanence of learning is not guaranteed.
Components of Instruction
  • Phonemic Awareness - detect, segment, blend, and manipulate sounds in spoken language;
  • Graphophonemic Knowledge - phonics instruction, sound association that emphasizes the relationship of letters and sounds;
  • Language Structure - study of meaningful units of language (prefixes, suffixes, roots); semantics (meanings); syntax (sentence structure); pragmatics (how to use language in a particular context);
  • Process oriented instruction - decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency and comprehension