I am a product of the ranch country south of Benavides, Texas, and a 1976 graduate of Texas A&I University in Kingsville where I earned a Bachelor of Science. I launched my teaching career with the Ramirez CSD in Ramirez, Texas in 1976. Two years later I took a position at Salazar Elementary in Alice, Texas working with special education students. In 1980 I chose to leave the teaching field to pursue a career with the H. E. Butt Grocery Co., rising to management positions at several store locations. In 1985 I returned to the teaching field with the San Diego I.S.D. in San Diego, Texas, instructing high school special education classes. I later focused my skills to teaching technology courses at the secondary level. In 1999 I accepted a position with the Benavides I.S.D. in Benavides, Texas, teaching computer applications until my retirement in 2008.

I invested the remainder of 2008 traveling the world; New York, Venice, and Tokyo. With the dawn of 2009 I reinvented myself as a medical billing technician, enjoying work with a home health agency. In 2013 an opportunity presented itself to return to the teaching profession servicing special needs students with the Ben Bolt - Palito Blanco I.S.D. One reason for remaining in the teaching field so many years is that it affords me an opportunity to impact young lives. They don't know it, but kids are desperate for role models. I am their man.

For leisure I enjoy writing, voracious reading, meaningful travel, and good conversation. I have been married forty-four years to an intelligent and gorgeous woman. My favorite quote is credited to my father: “Hay que nivelar el modo de vivir.” Its profound meaning is rooted in the Salas family history, translating roughly to “You got to level the way of living,”... a life-long philosophy that has served me well.