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Superintendent's Message

July 19, 2020


Dear Colleagues,


Last year was like no other. We reacted, adapted, and made it happen.  This year will be loaded with uniqueness, new ideas, and techniques not common to traditional modes of instruction.  This year will be a year of support as we help each other, refine our systems of instruction, and remain dedicated to continuous improvement. 


Our modes of instruction will require support from colleagues, parents, and students.  This type of support is continuous and lives in every classroom, every day, and every time instruction happens.  Whether it be virtual or face-to-face; we will go at it together.   I believe that effective student learning systems constantly promote a culture of support.  Support begins with each of us on hand to help. 


Effective student learning is a systematic process.  District, campus, and classroom actions are all part of the school system.  All components of the system must be aligned and supported with networks that emphasize high quality teaching and learning.  It is imperative that the student learning system be both proactive and responsive to the needs of our students and at the same time remain fluid enough to adapt from day to day. 


As educators we must be committed to continuous improvement, personally and collectively.  It is in the best interest of the entire organization if everyone makes a conscious effort to continually reflect on performance.  These changing times will require us to revisit how we handle instruction.  It is vital that we take time to reflect on the day’s work. 


It is our sincere intention to work together as we strive to provide a good education to the students of our Badger community.  Together we are stronger and together we will forge a culture of support, with quality systems of instruction that are fostered with awesome teachers.  I am convinced that our future is as strong as our Badger roots and as bright as our Badger blue color.


Welcome back, and remember, … Once a Badger, Always a Badger!   




Mike A. Barrera, Ed.D.