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Superintendent's Message



The new school year is fast approaching and with it are opportunities for various new beginnings – new classes, new faces, and new surroundings filled with vision and excitement. 


Newness alone, stirs excitement but doesn’t bring total success.  We ourselves must be willing to engage in the energy that a new year brings.  Starting a new year gives us the opportunity to collaborate and calibrate, design strategies, and implement new ideas. There is a special kind of satisfaction that comes with the start of a new school year.  For although the subject or grade level may be the same, the students are new and they appreciate your enthusiasm, wisdom, and care.


Our District’s last year’s accomplishments have been monumental and we will continue our emphasis on teaching and learning so that our students graduate college and career ready.  While maintaining the implementation of the initiatives already in place, this year we will address targeted instruction and provide a culture of support.


Our buildings have taken on an upbeat image, a little paint, some repairs, and a lot of wax have brightened up the learning environments.  Our staff is committed to making Badger Nation a family environment filled with pride.  


It’s all coming together.  We look forward to seeing you soon for the start of another great year!  




Mike A. Barrera, Ed.D.