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High School Newsletter March 2023

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Attendance Incentive * Friday Free Dress code Pass

“No holes, rips or tears in clothes. Leggings and/or spandex are not acceptable. Students may not wear tank tops or any shirts with offensive or inappropriate messages.”
Boys may NOT wear earrings.
Hair must be in compliance.
No hoodie Cover worn in building)

CTE Course Interest Survey BB-PB HS

Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School is committed to providing all students with career and technology pathways that prepare them for life after high school.
This survey is to gain information on various pathways students would like to join.
Please select the boxes on desired CCMR courses. We look forward to advancing our programs to support innovation and post-secondary readiness at the High School.

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BB-PB HS Students Talk College

A few college, universities, and military branches visited with Ben Bolt – Palito Blanco High School students Wednesday afternoon.
Click link above to view article on Alice Echo News Journal